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(English) Spring Trigger [3]

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This is the third English translation article.



The story until the last time.
Kobayashi and Akechi headed to the school.
Can they know the secret of Sakura ...?


Well then, this is the main part!


コバアニ模型工房 1/12 想い出横町シリーズ 昭和の学校シリーズ 木の机と椅子 2組入 組立キット OY-001


コバアニ模型工房 1/12 想い出横町シリーズ 昭和の学校シリーズ 木の机と椅子 2組入 組立キット OY-001


Main part

   And we headed for school. After school is also dyed a bright orange color different from usual, less popular. Other people are circling in the club movement, extracurricular activities, supplementary something else, so there is really no one at this time of sunset soon.
    "Something is creepy"
    "Yeah? I do not think so."
    Akechi walking as usual with the usual expression.
    Separately I do not believe in ghosts, but I am afraid of what is still scary.
    "Oh, Akechi, it is nice to have returned to the same school, where are you going?"
    "It's a staff room, sneak in and buy information on that cherry blossom."
    "Well, you are wrong!"
    The white eyes were aimed at Akechi.
    "A little while ago, I told you" The basic of the detective is your own feet and intuition. "
    "That means that if you want to know what you want to know, you do not choose measures."
    "Oh ... ...."

    But after all, sneaking in and so on.
    "Hey, did not you have any other way?"
    "I hear it in reverse, are you there, are there other ways?"
    Even if I told you so, I can not think of it suddenly.
    "Why do not you worry because it's not a thief to say that stealing?"
    Akechi smiled grinningly.

    Small staff room. Akechi approached that person with a voice.
    "What happened Kobayashi, then, er, -"
    "Akechi, five years of nursing class"
    "Oh, you are Akechi, you are listening to a very smart girl"
    The teacher who sat in the chair talked gently with the same perspective as Aki who is short.
    That teacher 's name is shit. He is a thin person with a different name, but he is a nice teacher. It is also our teacher's homeroom teacher.
    "Nee, I have something I want to show to such a teacher"
    Innocently Akechi showed the teacher the LCD screen of the camera on his neck. I did not understand why it was there.
    "Hey, sir, I wonder what's going to happen to this PTA?"
    "Well, what the hell is going on ...!?"
    When I saw Aikito and his teacher, what I was talking about, I felt like I knew what happened.
    "Well, I'd like you to show me what is in the bottom drawer of my teacher's desk, I think that it is better for you to take out earlier."
    "I will not give in to such a thing"
    "Oooh ... Hey, what is it supposed to happen? It's a PTA? Maybe it will be nationwide news
    "I could not win the threat ... ...."
    "Hehuu, it's just like Temple, it's just two frames"
    He slowly lowered his head, but the teacher who seemed a little happy opened the drawer of the desk, took out a part of the document that was beautifully filed and presented it to Akechi.
    "I will only show you"
    "Well, I will never forget it, so it does not matter."

    "Hey Akeo, what were you showing to my teacher?"
    We left the staff room. I am a little worried and ask Akechi.
    "It's just a snapshot picture ... That homeroom teacher seems to have a habit of wearing clothes, but it's hard ... but it suits me."
    Even so, it was a nice person, I will ask Aichi what I wanted most to hear.
    "Hey, did you understand something about Sakura?"
    "Oh yeah, I forgot."
    It is terrible to forget.
    "No matter what. After I entered this school - since I was a first year student - I saw the results of the IQ test or a health certificate ... In other words, I naked about her It was a paper bundle. "
    Ah, the proud brag and bracelet.
    "Sakura, Naka Naka ... Wow ..."
    "What a crazy idea you are thinking"
    Just imagining Sakura 's nakedness, my ears are getting hotter.
    Surely Cherry - chan is thin and slender, it is beautiful naked like a work of art. Oh, but on the contrary, it might be okay to have a cute face and a slim body.
    "Hey, come back. Transformation girl"
    "Oh! What am I doing"
    Akirare face Akechi saw me with an eye like seeing garbage.
    "Normally you should not have a lesbian sex habit, if so, I will leave you from now."
    "Well, I'm just worried about Sakura!"
    "Haha, it's okay,"
    The shadow that the big sunset settles grew before us who advanced our steps. At the same time, voice to prompt home from announcement flows, chilly night wind blows. It was a wonderful feeling I had never experienced, wearing a fantastic atmosphere.
    "Hey, I could not see such a scenery if I did not say that Akechi would infiltrate. Thank you, Akechi"
    "What in abruptness"
    When I thought that I turned around, I walked out as it was not interested again.
    "...... Natural Gigolo, are you trying to fall in love to me?"
    I could not catch it because I was talking in a small voice.
    This time I was shouted in a loud voice.

    When I got home and finished the wash and gargle, Akitoshi who was in a good mood sat on the table, putting his feet on the table and sitting like a fault.
    "Hey, are your parents going to be late again?"
    "Yeah, I see."
    It is six o'clock in the afternoon now. The thing that I have not returned at this time, I guess the work has not ended yet.
    "I'm not going to say anything about other people, but are not you lonely?"
    "Yeah, it was like this since I was little, but because Akechi is there, I will not miss you"
    "Does not it make you happy?"
    Akechi smiled with a smile as expected.
    "Well, let's decide what to do now"
    "Well, first of all, what we now know is that" she is an ordinary birthplace "and" She is a pretty genius child. "I was surprised to see that document, too."
    I do not think I am like that. Akechi is increasingly happy.
    "But that's funny, because language skills and logical thinking are all high, so if you want to do it, you can even enlist classes at overseas universities because mathematics and flexibility of your head, Memory ability, even better to motor nerves, she can be top in any circumstances, why? "
    Akechi that begins to get frustrated soon.
    "Even so, only the results of the school are low! It is reported that there is no anomaly or consciousness to school in counseling, it is on purpose.
    Akechi got angry.
    "I can not believe they're licking people!"
    Because it is one year from Akechi and Sakura-chan.
    Well, I just do not say it, though.
    "At best, I only have memory and logic thinking skipping, so I could only become a spy.I still realize that I am not experienced, I am aware that my age is very young.Ok well, I think it's excellent. "
    Akechi arrogantly humbling.
    "But if she is you, you can be anything! Even if you are the same elementary school as I am, you can get the desired future without frustration just by my own talent. He is a soldier or a great man. "
    Akichi stopped the speech, letting her breathe out, as his strength was exhausted.
    "Well, that is?"
    "That means she is a very smart common man!"
    Aichi, who swung the last force and reply to me, breathed down and fell to the table.
    Whenever a winning Akechi keeps breathing on his shoulder and is trying to suffer, I want to take a little bit out rather than worry.
    Akechi's boiling, but I mess with my hair I'm being carefully twisted. Akechi's small back trembled along with the word "stop yarou", but it seems I do not have the energy to resist.
    'I do not have physical fitness'


Spring Trigger [3]  END