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(English) Spring Triger [2]

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This time is also an English translation fiction.

Actually ... my TOEIC score is.

It is about 300 points.

(Max score of TOEIC score is about 990. My score is too low...X<)

Therefore, perhaps there are grammar mistakes and incorrect phrases.
It will be saved if you thru through a merciful broad mind.

Now. Well then, this is the main part!

Main part
"Cooperate with that in such a thing! Akechi"
A girl who rocks a chestnut colored ponytail disoriented by absurdity and sees this.
This is Akechi. The best partner for me.
It is my fifth grader under one of me but my best friend who eats me on my behalf on behalf of my parents who are out, or will take me to various places. And belonging to a nursing class because it floats in class. So, I know about Akechi, it happens that my house is nearby.
Akechi narrowed his beautiful eyes and looked at me with a dubious face.
"Why, Akechi is an excellent detective, you know if you can investigate a mysterious beautiful girl"
"That's just what you want to do, it does not matter."
Actually, Akechi is very smart, though it makes me awkward. He has a brain that is also at ease from the police and has been granted a special investigation right to solve the incident. But he himself is very troublesome. You may be more firm.
"Besides, I could only be a detective."
Akechi who disappeared sadly. But as soon as he raised his face he became a professional face of the detective.
"So this time it's people examination?"
"Not good, you always do it,"
"Even now, even now I'm asked for cooperation from investigators in the criminal investigation department, so I'm planning to refuse. I am troublesome. In this town, a woman's prostitution murderer appears called" Kuroba " I do not care, "
Mmm. A little better.
"Hey Akeo, if you ask my wish, I can do it eclectically"
Try saying while flickering the edge of the skirt.
"What are you talking about when there are only girls?"
Truly Akechi. Rebuttal is also sharp.
"More than that, I will investigate what this time"
"Ha, I guess you were a lesbian, you can do whatever you do not concern me."
"Well, you know, in the classroom earlier," -

"I see, I thought you were hated by that girl."
"Well, well, that's right,"
But that's not it.
"I want to get along with that girl more than that, that's it."
Akechi is not really interested.
"Well then, that's your request, I will investigate appropriately with one hand, so I will help you a lot

And the next day. I listened. As Akechi says, listen to stories from various people and get as much information as possible. Not only for good girls who are in class, but for most of the people at school with boys who are easy to talk with, other classes, senior students, lower class students, teachers, clerks and cleaning staff, mostly Sakura I heard about the matter. Be careful not to let her of course.
"So, did you understand something?"
Lunch break. Akechi came in my classroom that should be an upper class.
"I understand that I do not understand anything."
"Do not be silly."
Akitoshi looking down on me who is sitting in my seat and being in a state of arms fold, but a small girlfriend is loved by a group of active girls, being stroked in the head or suffering from questions. It is very cute around where you can not feel dignity at all.
"No, it is true, even if it is a clerk or senior junior who is not directly related, even the same grader that should have been changing classes many times, I do not know about Sakura. Everyone, She was like the same, I did not know her. "
"Yeah, it's strange"
Akechi receives baptism from a sticky and senior student, but keeps thinking without worrying about it.
"I know if I am not acquainted with my classmates and I am a school refusal like me, but I can tell if I am going to school and that there is nothing wrong with that presence."
What do you mean?
"It's strange.That is not conspicuous at a level that no one knows at school. About a few people will get good friends, and even if they are not, they should have been categorized by themselves. But nobody knows about her, it's strange that he does not even go up to the topic of the story. "
"That's true, right?"
"Yeah, I got interested a bit, so I wonder if a female elementary school student could have such a feeling of nothing."
"By the way, I do not even hear that Sakura was absent."
"Hmm, you're thoroughly"
Akechi will gradually look happy.
"I understand well, because there is something I want to show, I look forward to going home."
Akechi who returns his heels saying so.
However, she walked back a little when I walked
"Sorry to say" Do not be silly earlier "
I misunderstood, I left the classroom.

"Welcome back. It was late,"
When I opened the door and opened the door of my house, there was Akechi ahead.
Well, I suppose I was locked.
"Even closing the door's key, it's meaningless if you open the key of the garden, is not it?"
"Oh that's it"
"It does not matter if you agree with me"
Akei gently placed the camera in his hand with her amazed face on the desk and threw the paper bundle randomly from me in the school bag for me.
"this is?"
"Oh, Family register copy, I was able to obtain it with the privilege being commissioned by the police.I was a girl without a presence so much, I thought that it might not even be a family register, maybe just a little."
She scratched his head in a jestling face
"I have already seen it, so you can look at it without permission"
"Well, even if I say so,"
There are some kanji that are somewhat cramped and can not be read, just being able to pass this alone can not understand.
"Tell me if there is any doubt in the meantime"
What should I do. Everything is a doubt.
"After all, was Sakura chan changed?"
Because everything is unknown, ask people you know.
"Shey, she is just a civilian, if I was in a laboratory or a special child care facility, I could have caught her career from there, there is absolutely no such thing. I was born and born in this town. Well, this is also a normal town with no inconvenience, even though it is a departure from Tokyo.Of course she is not receiving any guidance, she goes to a detention house or a juvenile training school Speaking of what I care about is that there are no fathers, but that is not unusual another

Wow. I can understand such a thing.
"There is no contradiction even compared with the family register of the mother who took with me, and I think it is real."
"That's why I can not explain the absence of her abnormal existence as you said, if there's such a thing, it's already super power."
Akechi who tries to get bad as he gives up.
"I thought something interesting about her, but something is OK, I got tired."
"Er, that kind of"
"She is just a coincidence, just a person with little presence, if there is no interference with other people there is no presence or doubt.
Something like that! If Akechi did not help me, I could not do anything with just me.
"Let's work hard together a little more"
My voice was also vain and Akechi gave a big yawn while gazing at the empty space.
"But, somehow, it's strangely too much, it's a coincidence, I will do it until then."
"Yeah, I thought so."
truly? Akechi 's gaze strikes me.
"Because, Sakura, I had been smart haunting for a long time, and there were no children to talk to, but Sakura helped me that I could not get off the tree."
"What on earth were you doing?"
"That's why, Um, er ... ... If you do not interfere with others, you will not help me"
I knew that it was not even an excuse. It was also transmitted to Akechi.
"I do not know why I admire her but why is that child so important to you?"
"- Yeah, that's right"
"You are not the only ones who just knew about that girl"
"But still,"
I waved my head to eliminate the floating philosophy and spun the words.
"I want to get along with Sakura"
Akechi remained expressionless, but he distorted his face and gave a full smile.
"Haha! You are fine, after all you are funny, I guess you can not help it, I will try hard for you a bit more."
Akei stood up vigorously with his camera hanging around his neck.
"Well, next time I'll explore places I can not find about her, the basics of the detective -"
"It's your own foot and intuition, is not it?"
"Muu, it's my line"
My cheeks are inflated crankily, Akechi's arms.
"Well, OK, where I do not get the authority - I will explore the information in the school"
Spring Trigger [2] End.