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(English) Spring Trigger [1]


Hello! I am a manager of this website 'Soramin.' !

For the first time this time I tried to translate my work into English.
Get nervous :'(

This work is one of my submission works at the school to which I belong, and it is a work that has a very strong feeling.
(There are many parts that are not good...).

However, in fact, there are sexual depictions of this piece and some.
Many people got scolded by various people, orz

I omit such descriptions this time and will post it.

By the way, the original is published not only in the magazine distributed at the cultural festival, but also on "Alpha police" and "Let's become a novelist".

Actually I'd like to link it here, but it seems to be said to be a link to a sexual site ...



For the time being, this is about the introduction, this is the main part!

※ Readers!

This story is a fiction. It has nothing to do with actual persons, organizations, organizations etc. Especially, it has nothing to do with the works of great writer Edogawa Ranpo.
Really, nothing has nothing to do with it!

Main Part
Prologue - Tamaki's Girl Meets Girl

Cherry blossoms are scattering, a corner of the schoolyard.
I stopped the hand that was operating the smartphone and casually tried raising my eyes.
"Beautiful, cherry blossoms"
A tree-lined street where spring sun is falling on an unpopular road. The scattering petals reflect and reflect the light.
I like this place. This place where I always distract me when I am bored and depressed. This place will distract our eyes from reality you do not want to see.
Although my forelock touched my eyes a little, my eyes closed, but the sound rubbing the flowers rubbing smoothly is heard in my ears, a warm wind hits my skin, a nostalgic cherry smell tickles my nostrils.
"Well, and ... I have to go"
It's nice to be staring at the scenery in front of me, but it will be about time soon.
It slowly rises and pays the dirt on the skirt. Suddenly from overhead, the girls screams fell down.
Turning your eyes,
"P, pants?"
Cute legs descending from the skirt, pure white pants.
What on earth ...?
"Help me down!"
I do not know but it seems that I want him to get off the tree.
For the moment I climbed the tree and moved to the lord of the pants.
"What's wrong?"
"Wow! I was surprised"
The Lord of the Purple empties his mouth squarely and spreads his eyes wide. It was lovely and surprised It was a girl who trimmed his hair short, looking at me as a tearful eyes while dyed soft cheeks red.
"Why are you in such place?"
"Well, I tried to help this child, but I have stopped getting down."
what is that.
I sighed while looking at the kittens that cried at her hand.
"Jump down from here. I will be fine so there is no height there"
"Well, I can not do it!"
She makes a fuss. I will fall down sooner or later as it is.
it can not be helped.
"Well, hold on tight."
I embraced her body and jumped off desperately.
"Wow oh!"
Hold the small body, prepare for the moment of impact.
Three, two, one.
"... ...!"
I fell down from the legs, so there was a cry out of voice.
The girl I hugged also gave a similar voice.
The cat heard it also screamed like a scream.
"... ... Is it alright?"
I tried asking while paying attention so that I could not understand the pain I pulled.
"I want to hurt, I am fine and this girl does not seem to be hurt."
Apart from the girl with a relief expression, the yawning kitten jumped out of her arms.
"Oh, wait!"
The girl also jumped out and ran after the kitty.
"... ... It was a noisy girl"
I sat down on the ground while rubbing my feet still painful.
By the way, I have not heard your name.
"- Child of the pants, is fine"
No way, I did not think that it would fit a strange child in a place that came bored bored.
But it was a very cute girl.


First chapter - The disappeared girl -

I climbed a tree yesterday to help the kitten on the last day of the spring break, and it got out of it. You are an idiot. Become a sixth grade elementary school student.
But, suddenly it was saved by a mysterious beautiful girl who appeared suddenly, but escaped without even being able to thank you.
Well that kitten is bad.
But, I did not expect to see that beautiful girl again.
"God of destiny is too appropriate, it's like becoming the same class"
Advance and change class. Then I saw a girl who wanted to see him.
"Tamaki Sakura" chan "
Ruminating the name I remembered a little while ago, I saw her.
Long black hair, long eyelashes, which seems to want to touch with smooth. Skin that does not feel any contamination, limbs stretched thin. Eyebrows that remain hidden as if they hate everything in this world are lovely. And it is because she rejects the surroundings that people are not gathering despite being such a beautiful looking beauty. It also seems to highlight her sanctity.
I want to talk.
Fortunately now it is time for the graduation ceremony to finish, the teacher's hospitality greetings and self-introduction is over. In a time just waiting for the newly decided class chairperson and vice chairperson to go along with the teacher to get a new textbook, we are chatting with each other in close friends, Sitting on the desk at the desk, securing a space to enter the textbook with the contents of the school bags and so on.
I do not know boys, but I do not know the meaning meaninglessly that they are gathering and talking about variety shows that I did yesterday, imitating entertainers and strangely posing and making noises. Yup. This one is as usual.
So, well, it should not be a problem even if I go out.
Slide down and move secretly to Sakura who is touching the smartphone.
"Hey, you were a child yesterday,"
When I spoke from behind, she stood up and opened my eyes wide.
"Oh, sorry sorry, I did not mean to surprise you,"
Express your sorry with your hands together.
"I do not care"
A little spiced voice, but it unnecessarily shakes my heart.
"Oh yeah, thanks for helping yesterday, I'm sorry I can not thank you."
"Okay, differently"
"Oh, I am Kobayashi -"
"I know, I was introduced myself a little while ago,"
"I am glad that you remember it."
"I just happened to hear it. Do not get me wrong."
It was Sakura who started tampering with her smartphone, but his cheeks turned red a little.
"Oh, yeah, after school, are not you going out together?"
For the time being, invite me. Then the story.
Sakura seeing my face with a short word released. The face seems to be brighter than when I was alone until a while ago.
However, the face of the cherry tree became dark again due to the small trembling of the smartphone held in her hand at that time.
"... I'm sorry, I have business."
"Hmmm, let's invite again."
If she says nothing.
The moment he returned his heel, she went down.
"- I am OK, she is not out."

What do you mean?